Project Management Internship

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As an intern in the field of Project Management learn how to plan, coordinate, execute and finalise projects. Throughout your internship you will have the opportunity to learn a diverse range of skills from consultation to management and communication. You will learn how to develop and implement strategies in accordance with overall goals and objectives of the organisation.

Learn how to effectively deal with a variety of situations and find appropriate solutions. Enhance both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) relationships.

Main tasks of Project Management include the facilitation and management of the day-to-day activities of the company whilst developing new innovative methods and techniques. With a Project Management internship, learn how to apply a diverse range of skills into real business environments and acquire effective time management skills.

During your internship in Project Management you will be working closely with our current Project Manager and CEO to effectively implement and evaluate events and projects.

Acquire relevant work experience and essential training for developing new innovative ideas and implementing new business strategies.

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Given that this internship programme carries a lot of responsibilities, the expectations and requirements are extremely high.

Internship UK

Ideally candidates for this internship placement should have prior experience in the field of sales or communication with a proven track record of developing negotiation assignments and projects.

In addition, candidates must be looking for a minimum 6 month length for their internship.

As an intern in Project Management, tasks include planning projects from start to finish, taking all possibilities into consideration. Involvement in managing a team, using communication and controlling skills to make sure everything goes according to plan. To continuously evaluate the progress of projects and report findings directly to the current Project Manager and CEO.

Other tasks for an intern in Project Management include defining the resource requirements and work plans for projects and managing their development and implementation.

Apply now for an internship in the field of Project Management.

Tasks and Responsibilities of Project Manager

As an intern in the field of project management, candidates should have the ability to plan, coordinate and manage projects, to assure that the project will be finished within the deadline. Interns should have prior relevant experience in managing projects. In addition, interns should be able to cope with unexpected changes and learn how to adapt, manage and motivate a team.

Requirements skills of a Project Manager:

We ask of our applicants that they have at least: