Group Internship Placements

At Internship UK we understand the complexity and intricacy each year involved in coordinating internship placements.

Whether it is undergraduate or postgraduate degree placements, at Internship UK we are able to accommodate a range of internship placement options via our group internship placement program.

What is a Group Internship placement program!

Our Group Internship placement program provides the unique opportunity for universities and institutions to provide their students with the opportunity to have a shared international internship experience.

If potential candidates meet the requirements of the internship program, this system allows applicants the possibility to travel together and share the experience of gaining international work experience in the UK.

Our group internship programs operates throughout the whole year and we welcome intern groups in all of our dedicated internship programs.

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We ask that each university or institution internship coordinator provide us with the list of potential candidates that would like to participate in our internship company and our HR department will track the progress of each applicant.

Note: each applicant will still be subject to our individual recruitment process before being offered an internship placement

If your university or institution is interested in developing potential partnerships with Internship UK for furthering the mutual exchange process of providing quality care and work placements to students from around the world feel free to contact us.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing to Do an MBA

If you’ve reached a stage in your career where you feel you’d like to take on more responsibility and have been told that an MBA is the way to do it, then you’ll find yourself with a number of decisions to make before applying. Though an MBA can be a great asset to any aspiring businessperson, it requires a large amount of commitment and should be thought through carefully before you take on the course. Here are a few key things to consider when choosing to do an MBA which should help you come to the right decision for you.

1. Are you at the right stage in your life to take this on? When someone describes an MBA it all sounds too good to be true – a qualification that is well respected, will increase your career prospects and give you the skills you need to progress up the career ladder. However, it is important not to be overwhelmed by how great it all sounds – an MBA only works for you if you’re at the right stage in your life to take it on. To begin with, you need to have had enough experience of business before applying – on many MBA courses it is a prerequisite to have around 5 years of real work experience (often around 10 if you’re looking at doing an EMBA). Also, you must consider whether you’re in a stable enough place in your life to take time out to study. Most full-time MBA courses take 1 or 2 years, and will require you to dedicate a lot of your time to study. If your situation will allow you to take the time to study an MBA, you need to be sure that you can afford it. Like most graduate and postgraduate courses there is some funding available (such as The MBA Loan Scheme financed by NatWest and administered by the AMBA) but you will also be expected to put some money towards the fees yourself.

2. What kind of a basis do you want to study on? If you’ve thought it through and decided that you are in the right stage of your life to take on an MBA, then you need to decide what basis you want to study on – full or part time. Most institutions like Ashridge Business School offer a full-time, 1 year MBA and a part time, 2 year MBA or EMBA, along with change management and leadership training. Many people, whilst ready to make the commitment to take an MBA course, do not feel secure enough in their situation to take a year out from their career to focus entirely on studying. If you’d rather continue working whilst studying, then a part-time course may be better suited to your needs.

3. Where do you want to study? Though the MBA course originated in the US, it is now a popular option for businesspeople worldwide. You can either choose to do your MBA at a UK institution, or if you’d rather have a taste of business abroad then there are many options available to you. Check out for the global MBA rankings to see which courses are most popular.