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About South Africa Works

South Africa Works is an organisation specialising in recruitment and the provision of work placement programmes for international applicants wishing to undergo a work placement in South Africa. Working closely with Internship-UK, a London based internship provider who has more than a decade’s worth of expertise in this industry, South Africa Works strives to ensure that applicants undertaking an internship in South Africa is given a dynamic and informative work experience.

South Africa Internship

South Africa Works is a voluntary work placement provider in coalition with a wide range of organisations in Cape Town South Africa. Our friendly team will set up and arrange a work placement programme designed around your skills and attributes to match your expectations.

With an internship in South Africa gain not only practical experience work experience, but also develop your personal and professional skills and competences.

Take the opportunity to learn how to apply yourself and gain a rewarding internship experience to further build up your CV.

South Africa Works offers work experience and training to international students worldwide. While our main client base derives from various part of Europe, the UK and the USA, we provide internship placements in Cape Town to students worldwide.

South Africa Internship

The average duration of our internship programmes range for a period of 3 months, however, specific requests with regards to the dates can be discussed with a Consultant of South Africa Works.

During weekends you have the perfect opportunity to travel places that you would not likely get the opportunity to travel whilst undergoing your work placement programme.

It is our goal at South Africa Works to provide internship placement opportunities to students worldwide in South Africa with organisation based around Cape Town. To provide a high standard of internships to candidates interested in a range of fields all year round.

Currently South Africa Works offers internships in :

All of the above mentioned positions are located in Cape Town, South Africa. Applicants are welcome to apply for an internship all year round.

South Africa Works grants interns the opportunity to work in a culturally diverse environment thus stimulating the development of our interns not only on a professional basis but also in the sociological sphere. This enables our interns to acquire special skills and principles that will foster their progress in making a positive contribution toward society.

South Africa Internship

South Africa Works avails a range of internship programmes in varying fields to South Africatisfy in which the candidates need to acquire applied corporate practice. The nature of the experience is such to ensure that interns obtain a realistic understanding of their particular field of choice.

Aside from offering work placement programmes in the candidates field of choice, South Africa Works offers a full service package to ensure hassle free settlement into the workplace and socio-cultural environment by assisting applicants in the arrangement of the following:

South Africa Internship

Overall with an internship with South Africa Works you will have the opportunity to combine work and travelling. To gain international work experience and develop your personal and professional skills with an internship in South Africa.

For further information regarding our work placement programme please contact us:

Office No.7
51 Station Road
Cape Town
South Africa
Phone number: +2721 4473676
Mobile number: +27780312115