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Internship uk newsletter 08th october
Dear Reader,

Internship UK Newsletter: October 08th 2009

Would you like learn in the United Kingdom?
Would you like to work in an international environment?

Would you like the chance to learn new skills and embrace new cultures?
Would you like to make a big step forward and start your career?

With years of experience in the fields of training and developing students and graduates from around the world. Internship UK is proud to announce its continual dedicated and commitment to providing support and placements for a wide range of practical skills and hands on work experience in real business contexts.

With an work placement with Internship UK, gain not only essential work skills for modern business environments but also develop your communication and inter personal skills by joining our multicultural office environment.

Every year we give hundreds of like-minded, motivated students and interns the opportunity to gain the knowledge and international work experience they require to succeed in their future careers by working in our international business as an intern in the UK.

Our dedicated internship programs provide students and graduates the perfect work life balance to attain all the necessary skills they require before entering the world of work.

Benefits of an internship with Internship UK

  • Gain first hand practical experience in the one of our many internship programs

  • Acquire direct supervision and training from supervisors and management

  • Work in collaborate teams and independently on numerous online e-commerce based projects

  • Directly effect and the influence the strategic nature of our organisation

  • Join our international team of gifted motivated students from around the world

Media - Internship

Whether you are looking to gain experience in the field of Digital Photography or Graphic Design our Media Internship provides our interns with the opportunity to create a variety of projects to target customer and partners worldwide.

Projects ranging from designing and producing influential banners, logos, visuals and imagery.

With an Internship in Media learn how to effectively edit and design imagery and visuals to project influential targeted messages.

For more information about an internship in the field of Media - Graphic design and digital photography click here.

How to Apply

How to apply at Internship UK

In order to apply for an Internship with Internship UK we ask that all potential applicant visit our main website and fill in our initial online assessment form.

Upon the successful completion our online application our HR department will invite you for an interview request to assess whether you have what it takes to join Internship UK.

For more information about how to apply click here.

Group Internship Placements

Our Group Internship Placement Program provides the unique opportunity for universities and institutions to provide their students with the rich opportunity to have a shared international internship experience in the UK

For more information about Group Internship Placements click here.

Blog Internship UK

Stay up to date with current affairs and advice in the world of internships. Learn up to date online marketing techniques and tips to help excel from the crowd. Discover in more detail what is involved with an internship and how to prepare for an internship.

For more information about news and advice about internships click here.

IT Web Design / Development

In today's modern market place more and more transactions are facilitated online and via websites.

If you are planning to launch a career in the field of IT our internship program will allow you to acquire the necessary skills and the foundations for a successful career.

Our internships in IT Web Design and Web Development provide valuable working knowledge of e-commerce based environments and the opportunity to display creativity and innovation.

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