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Internship Programmes with Internship-UK

The internship programme with Internship-UK offers a variety of internships in different departments.

Students can apply for placements in any of the departments listed below.

Internship-UK offers internships in several departments such as:

What is the timetable for an intern?

The office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm or 9:00am to 6:00pm the shift patterns for Interns is adaptable to suit the individual.
The internship programmes are flexible and we encourage interns to enjoy their free time during the internship in New Romney, by providing organised trips, events and parties.

Each department works on specific projects, with each Intern being able to work within their area of expertise or where they require to develop further skills.
Internship-UK offers internships throughout the year, so you are free to choose your own start and end dates for the internship. The duration of the internship programme varies from one month to one year.

How could you apply to join our internship programme?

student internshipsIf you would like to gain practical experience by working in media, marketing, sales, human resources, web design, or as a web developer, feel free to apply online or contact us for any further information.
Once your application is completed, we will contact you via your e-mail address.

Internship-UK offers numerous internships to help you improve your skills in a working environment. Also, you will be living in a dynamic and refreshing atmosphere in New Romney.

Apply Now for an internship with us !


student internships Marketing department:

  • To assist with creation of marketing campaigns, distribution of promotional items, to produce articles and news-feeds for Blogs and Websites
  • To attend team meetings and be willing to contribute to other team activities as requested
  • Follow company guidelines to enable the use of Social Media as a marketing tool to reach its full potential
  • To update Database information and carry out administration checks using SEO techniques on websites hosted through Studio
  • More information about an internship in our Marketing department.


    student internships Recruitment department:
    The Recruitment department is responsible for the effective assessment and processing of potential applicants to the Internship programme. If you plan to pursue a career in the field of Recruitment, our training program will allow you to acquire the necessary skills and experience to progress in this sector.

  • To be involved in the entire process of recruitment
  • Review & process applications
  • Conduct interviews
  • Manage & control Recruitment database
  • More information about an internship inRecruitment.


    student internships IT Development:
    As the majority of our business is conducted through online transactions, the quality of our websites is paramount to our success.Our Information Technology Web Development and Design department is responsible for the development and maintenance of modern websites and visual aesthetics. Our web design team works closely with our marketing department to create the optimal layout for each website to create a positive user experience which is also e-commerce friendly.

  • Maintenance of over 200 websites
  • Web layout design
  • Web graphics design
  • Creation and maintenance of Web Galleries
  • Image illustration and design
  • More information about an internship in Web Development.

    Business Administration

    student internships Sales Department:
    The goal of the CRM team is to maximise turnover through facilitating sales while simultaneously building and maintaining outstanding customer and partner relations leading to continued repeat sales. The CRM department is organised and well trained in the following fields:
  • Facilitating SIMS bookings and telephone bookings
  • Customer care
  • Customer follow-up
  • Up-selling
  • Lead generation and management
  • Partnership Relations
  • Contracting new partner companies
  • Negotiating allocations and prices with suppliers
  • More information about an internship in Customer Relationship Management and Sales.


    student internships Media Department:
    Working closely with our marketing and advertising department our media interns manage the promotional content, design and imagery of our brand. By using creative vision and innovative thinking to create strong pieces of work for commercial use. The overall function of our media internship is to develop and produce targeted promotional imagery and messages for our marketing projects.

  • Able to arrange and preparing photo shoots
  • To work with a mixed range of mediums and applications
  • Ability to develop and carry out projects from initial concept to final editing
  • Understanding of how to develop advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Able to seek out appropriate photographic subjects and opportunities
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team
  • More information about an internship in Media .


    student internships Translation Department:
    The Translation department is responsible for converting written material from one or more languages towards its targeted audience to enlarge our demographic market to a greater international focus. Ensuring there is a high degree of accuracy and fluency between the original source material and targeted language.

  • Ensure that the original meaning of the source material is not lost in translation
  • Use a range of specialist source material and reference to closely match the most suitable terminology to use
  • Proof read and edit original and target source material
  • Research the meaning of words and terminology
  • Translate a wide range of technical and promotional content
  • Analytical skills in analysing texts and their structure
  • More information about an internship in Translation.


    student internships Event Management:
    As an Event Manager, you will coordinate events internally for International Interns including; sight seeing trips, celebratory parties, promotion parties. You could also have the opportunity to be creating, developing, and implementing external projects and events.

    More information about an internship in Event Management.

    student internships Facility Management:
    As an intern you can be a part of the management team in our hotel, located in the “Garden of England”, in the South East of England , your role will include room allocations, coordinating catering and supplies, ensuring the buildings are maintained and health and safety procedures followed.

    More information about an internship in Facility Management.

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