Business Development Management Internship

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As an intern in the field of Business Development Management gain practical work experience dealing with a range of customer relationship service interactions. Learn how to attract new clients and partners and improve customer relationships in both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) fields. Exploit new business opportunities and ensure that the organisation is successfully reliant in using up to date management tools and best practices.

Enhance your skills in developing and implementing various business strategies. Central tasks for a Business Development Manager include managing and supervising the day-to-day activities of the company and developing new innovative techniques to advance the organisation.

Typically, the tasks of a business developer include a number of techniques designed to grow and advance an organisation. Various techniques include assessments of marketing opportunities and gathering and researching customers to generate follow-up sales activities. In essence, the role of a business development manager involves evaluating a business and enhancing its potential using a range of marketing, sales, information and customer service tools.

Given that this internship programme carries a lot of responsibilities, the expectations and requirements are extremely high.

Ideally candidates for this internship placement should have prior experience in the field of sales with a proven track record of selling and negotiation.

Benefits of a Business Development Manager Internship

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Tasks and Responsibilities of a Business Development Manager

Requirements of a Business Development Manager

Due to the fact that this internship comes with so much responsibility, the standard for acceptance for this position are very high. Candidates that wish to apply for an internship in business development management must have the criteria listed below.

Ideally, candidates should possess a successful driven background working within strategic business development roles. Interns should have past experience in selling solutions and able to adapt to situational requirements. In addition, be able to develop and network contacts relevant to the business requirements.

Overall as an intern in business development you will be working directly with the current business development manager and CEO to ensure the improve of our customer relationships and services. Our company is situated in a highly competitive market which will give you the opportunity to enhance your skills in the implementation of various business strategies.

In the field of business development you will acquire relevant work experience in:

You will manage and support our marketing and sales department to ensure they reach their objectives and potential. Using acquired knowledge and experience in B2B marketing, you will be involved in examining areas of potential growth and possible new sources of income, as well as developing new business relations. Again applicants for Business Development should have prior experience in managing teams and facing deadlines. Furthermore, interns should have the ability to assess market opportunities and to find new ways to attract new customers and penetrate existing markets.