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Apprenticeships in the UK

The Perfect Way to Gain on the Job Work Experience

Are you looking to develop your personal and professional skills?

Do you want to build up a CV and gain international work experience?

Would you like the opportunity to take on challenges and apply yourself to the world of work?

If you would like to gain insight knowledge and experience in the world of work and earn while you, an Apprenticeship could be for you.

By taking part in an apprenticeship you will acquire, on hand support and guidance that will allow you to develop your skill set and gain qualifications on the job and relevant training. Whether you are seeking your first role in work or you are already in employment, apprenticeships will help you improve your knowledge to progress up the career ladder and advance your prospects of finding a job in your chosen industry.

What are Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are a system of training, to provide a new generation of practitioners with a particular skill or craft.

As an apprentice you would undergo an intensive program of on the job training, whilst working for an employer who will help the apprentice learn their particular trade or skill set. In addition, as part of an apprenticeship scheme you would receive theoretical education in form of workplace training or alternatively by attending a vocational school while you are being paid by your employer.

Whilst apprenticeships have historically been in the trade or craft industries, there is a widespread growth of apprenticeship scheme across all sectors of industries and commerce. In 2009 there were more than 250,000 apprentices in England alone. You can now find apprenticeships in more than 190 roles, ranging from Accounting, Business administration, Sales, Marketing, Communication, retail and many more sectors.

As a practical concept to help develop you skills and your career, apprenticeships give you the chance to learn and gain nationally recognised qualifications that will enable you to stand out from the crowd.

As an Apprentice you will learn on the job and do real relevant work with employers and you be paid while you learn, so you will not have be concerned about paying for course fees or student loans.

For more information about what apprenticeship schemes are available feel free to visit the National Apprenticeship Service.

Getting a head start

What you with learn in your apprenticeship or advanced apprenticeship will vary depending upon the employer the various scheme you choose to take part in. However, you will end up gaining the following:

  • Practical experience, skills and knowledge for working in given chosen industry
  • Work based qualification, such as a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ), at Level 2 for an Apprenticeship, or Level 3 for an Advanced Apprenticeship scheme
  • Qualification in Key Skills: using numbers, working in teams, problem-solving, communications and information technology
  • A technical certificate
  • Earn a salary and get paid holidays
  • Receive on the job training
  • Learn job specific skills

With the successful completion of your apprenticeship, you will have a gained a wide range of national recognised qualifications and skills. This will be valid for any employer to help you move forward in your chosen career.

For more information about the benefits associated with apprenticeship schemes feel free to visit Connections direct

What can I do after the apprenticeship?

After you complete an Apprenticeship, you will be able to prove to any employer that you have tangible relevant skills and work experience, dedicated to successful carry out the job. Giving you the cutting edge in the job market, an apprenticeship will increase your chances of gaining a good rate of pay and help you climb the career ladder.

Alternatively, there are also opportunities to progress onto higher education to further your training and experience.

Apprenticeship Programme Structure

Apprenticeships are specifically designed with employers to offer a structured training scheme which will enable you to learn that precise skills to carry out your job effectively. Throughout your apprenticeship scheme you will be assigned various targets and goals that will allow you to monitor and review your progress and to ensure that the employer is providing you with the right support and training.

To find out more about the various apprenticeships that are available feel free to visit Kato Training and Kent Apprenticeships

Duration of Apprenticeship

There is no set to complete an Apprenticeship. Most apprenticeships vary greatly in size and complexity and as such the length of time will depend respectively upon the sector you choose. Apprenticeships typically range from one to four years to complete, depending upon the framework, your personal ability and the employer’s requirements.

What is important though is that you are committed to see through to the completion of your apprenticeship and to take the time develop your skills accordingly.

For advice and assistance on apprenticeships feel free to visit The Apprenticeship Guide